Company - the difference

We are experts in both the enhancement and the denial of radio frequency communication. Our history with jamming came about due to our ability to improve mobile phone signals inside buildings. As experts in the use of distributed antennas systems we were called upon by a government customer to deploy both signal enhancement services for most of the areas and jamming for secure rooms. We succeeded in this mission where others have failed due to our experience with both aspects as well as our ability to think 'outside the box' . Our further developments of the technology has lead us around the world providing jamming to government organizations and where legal, to commercial customers including banks, schools and sensitive corporate environments.

We have used our experience to develop systems that enables CJAM to deliver solutions that meet our clients specific requirements. Whether the requirements call for cellular handset control, detection or jamming CJAM can design a solution.

Predictable results every time. JAM's engineers design every solution using a project methodology developed by CJAM. This well defined process ensures that every system meets or exceeds the clients documented specifications. Thorough system testing guarantees that detection, control or jamming signals are only transmitted in the defined target area.

We have both engineering systems for specific target areas as well as standard products.