ADVANCED Portable Cell phone RF Threat DETECTOR


- Law Enforcement ( City and County Jails )

- Classrooms and Examination Rooms in Schools

- Embassy / Government Buildings

- High Risk Areas

- Corporate Executive meeting rooms

CJAM-DT-200+ is a highly selectable and sensitive battery powered advanced portable cell phone RF threat detector that provides instant awareness to the presence of a cell phone whenever a transmission takes place either in a call condition or during periodic tower communication updates. The DT 200+ is designed using very sensitive amplifiers and high quality filters. Plus, a built in directional antenna which greatly enhances performance. The simple compact unit can detect the illegal or unwanted use of mobile phones within a building or correctional facility. Used in a school environment, the detector can alert the staff of unwanted use of cell phones by students in the classroom or during exams. The CJAM-DT-200+ can be installed in buses and trains and warn of the dangerous use of cell phones by conductors or drivers while operating the vehicles.

The simple to use DT 200+, is a passive device and as such does not transmit any RF signals. Consequently, the DT 200+ does not interfere with non-cellular radio frequency communication. Specially designed filtering technology minimizes any false positives. This means consistent results with little or no requirement for any special training. Compact and lightweight, the DT 200+ is fully capable of locating a mobile phone in a designated location therefore protecting a targeted area. The range of the unit is adjustable within 10-50+ feet depending on the signal level strength of targeted mobile phones. When an increase in RF power has been detected on the cellular carrier's uplink frequencies the DT 200+ emits an audible alarm or an optional visual alarm is activated.

The DT 200+ has been optimized for minimal power draw. A NiCad battery operated option, will enable a unit to now operate 100+ hours without a battery re-charge.

A significant additional to the DT200+ has been an Ethernet module which enables units to be networked and controlled from a remote network operations center. To further increase productivity, CellAntenna has developed management software that enables operators to modify remote DT200+ configurations and monitor alerts in real time.

CellAntenna also offers a CellAlert detector for train, buses and heavy machinery to deter distracted operation.

Optional additions include more bands Wi-Fi, LTE, and 450 CDMA as well as custom frequencies allow for complete RF threat detection, remote monitoring capability, and Android APP for programming.

DT 200+ Specifications

- Microprocessor controlled

- Optional Ethernet interface

- Remote management, configuration and alarm monitoring

- Power over Ethernet (POE) available

- Frequency bands (US): 850 MHZ, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz & 700 MHz

- Frequency bands (International): 900MHz, 1800 MHZ, & 2100MHz

- Total of eight frequency bands can be programmed

- Simple LED bar-graph display for each band

- Serial output

- All 2G, 3G & 4G protocols supported

- Sensitivity: -83 dBm @ 900 MHz

- Weight: 7 lbs

- Dimensions: 9.85 x 9.85 x 4"

- Voltage:110AC

- Environmental Conditions: -30 F to 140 F

- Extended battery power (optional)

System Specifications

Tri Band USA : Cellular 806-849 / PCS 1850-1910 / AWS 1710-1750

TriBand EU : 890-915, 1710-1785, 1920-1980

Five Band USA : LTE / Cellular / PCS / AWS / Wi-Fi

Multi Band Options : 450 CDMA , Tetra , WiMax , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Custom

Protocols: All

Sensitivity: -110 dBm @ 900 MHz

Weight: 7 lbs.

Dimensions: 9.85 x 9.85 x 4'

Power: Internal Chargeable Battery ( Lithium / NiCad available )

Environmental Conditions: -30 F to 140 F ( Stabilization circuit)

Multiple Bands
Remote Monitoring
Cell Phone - USB programmable
Control for Jamming
5590 Battery ( Military customers only)
External Antenna