Cell phone Threat MANAGEMENT Battery Powered Portable DETECTION


Ideal for:

- City and County Jails

- Classrooms and Examination Rooms in Schools

- Trains and Buses for Transit Authorities

- Corporate Executive meeting rooms

- Embassies

CJAM-DT BAT is a highly selectable and sensitive battery powered portable cell phone detection tool that provides instant awareness to the presence of a cell phone in a call condition. Using its RF enhancement technology, CellAntenna has developed a compact cell phone handset signal detector that provides an alert when it detects cell phone call being made. At the heart of the CJAM-DTBAT are highly sensitive amplifiers, filters and a directional antenna that provides unprecedented flexibility in locating active cell phones.

The CJAM-DT BAT can control and help eliminate the illegal or unwanted use of cell phones within a building or correctional facility. CJAM-DT BAT can detect CDMA, GSM, UMTS, and iDen protocols. The CJAM-DT BAT is passive in nature and does not interfere with radio frequency communication. Specially designed filtering technology minimizes any false positives which translate into a stable deployment with little or no requirement for any special training.

Compact and lightweight, the CJAM-DT BAT is fully mobile being carried to locate a cell phone in a specific location, or can be stationary, protecting a specific targeted area. The range of the unit is adjustable within 10-200+ feet depending on the signal level strength of target cell phone.

The CJAM-DT BAT can also be used in conjunction with CJAM-CPC (cellular phone control system), CJAM-NF (cellular jamming system) and the larger CJAM-DT system to provide a full solution for cell phone security issues all within a single distributed antenna system deployment.

The CJAM-DT BAT is a very cost effective tool for combating the worldwide problem of illegal cell phones in correctional facilities. Illegal cell phones enable inmates to continue with their criminal pursuits and also endanger the lives of correctional officers. Because it is very cost effective the CJAM-DT BAT can be used in smaller county and city jails. When making rounds correctional officers can carry the portable unit and using an ear fob isolate a cellular handsets location as the audible signal becomes increasingly excited the closer the detector is to the active cell phone. Much like a geiger counter.

Features :

- Can detect all types of Cell Phones

- Adjustable range

- Battery powered light weight unit

- Audible signal that excites as it comes closer to the offending cellular handset

- Can detect all protocols including CDMA , GSM, and UMTS