CELL PHONE ALERT SYSTEM FOR TRAINS - TrainSafe is a solution to the growing problem of distracted driving

CellAntenna is a global leader in the detection, control and management of cell phone. A cell phone for many has become an indispensible part of everyday life. Unfortunately, for some to the point of distraction.

Distracted driving is one of the major causes of highway fatalities in the US. To no one's surprise the use of cell phones while driving has become a contributing factor to preventable accidents and many countries around the world have imposed stiff fines as a deterrent.

The use of cell phones by drivers behind the wheel is unfortunately the tip of iceberg as more workers in high risk jobs are distracted by texting and WEB surfing. This includes operators of trains. A chilling reminder of what can happen when operators of high speed trains are not 100% focused on the job at hand is a MetroLiner crash in Chadsworth, CA in 2008.

Thirty four people lost their lives when the train engineer was texting a message, missed a red light signal and crash at full speed into another train.

The railroad industry is committed to eliminating the use of cell phones while operating a train. CellAntenna has been working with rail operators to develop an affordable and affective solution that can serve as a real time deterrent and save lives. The result of this R&D effort has been CellAntenna's TrainSafe solution.

When the system's control unit is installed in the cab of a train, the use of any unauthorized cell phone is immediately jammed in real time.

The TrainSafe unit's jamming module is only activated when the units detection module passively detects a cell phone call (text), in range, attempting to connect with the cellular tower. This reactive jamming concept eliminates any health concerns.

Small and highly sensitive antenna(s) are connected to the TrainSafe unit and installed inside of the operator's cab. When strategically placed inside of the cab, they will detect an active cell phone placing or receiving a call and immediately activate the TrainSafe's jamming module for a short period of time. This short burst of RF energy on the cell phone carrier's downlink frequencies is sufficient to block the connection with the tower.

An Affective and Affordable deterrent that will prevent accidents

Detection-Jamming Process:

1) The TrainSafe System utilizes passive monitoring of all the cellular carrier's uplink frequencies signal levels.

2) The TrainSafe unit, in passive detection mode, does not transmit any RF signals

3) The detection module is triggered when the unit senses the power level on the uplink frequency increase, indicating a cellular handset in range is initiating communications with the cellular carrier's tower/base station. .(NOTE: In a moving train this communication would happen frequently between an active handset and the cellular carrier's towers as the cellular handset switches from tower to tower along the way).

4) Antenna placement in the cab is important as the goal is to detect cell phone use anywhere in the locomotive cab only.

5) Once the TrainSafe unit detects cell phone use a jamming module is triggered and transmits a short burst of RF energy on the carrier's downlink frequency bands. This blocks communications between the handset and the tower and the attempted call is never established.

6) This reactive jamming concept eliminates health and safety concerns typically expressed with traditional "always on" jamming systems