CJAM-DT KIT is a cell phone detection system that provides instant awareness of the presence of a cell phone in a call condition. The detection system can control and help eliminate the illegal or unwanted use of cell phones within a building or correctional facility. Using CellAntenna's Distributed Antenna System (DAS), the CJAM-DT KIT system can provide specific area detection to alert facility security when and where a cell phone is making a call. Not based on triangulation principles, but rather using CJAM's ultra-sensing technology, the CJAM-DT KIT system can be deployed to provide accurate detection within a relatively small area. CJAM-DT KIT can detect CDMA, GSM, UMTS, and iDen protocols.

Features :

- Passive in nature it does not interfere with radio frequency communication.

- Can be centrally located and the coverage area can increase to almost any size building or campus by using a distributed antenna system.

Can also be used in conjunction with:

-CJAM-CPC (cellular phone control system)

-CJAM-NF (cellular jamming system)

-CJAM-DT (larger cellular detection system

The CJAM-DT is a very cost effective solution for the worldwide problem of illegal cell phones in correctional facilities. Illegal cell phones enable inmates to continue with the their criminal pursuits and also endanger the lives of correctional officers. Because it is very cost effective, the CJAM-DT can be installed in smaller county and city jails. One detector and 1-2 antennas will detect an active cellular call in a single cell block or more, providing both a visual and audible alarm where the correctional officers are located.

CJAM-DT Features include:

- Coverage available of all standard cellular bands including 800 SMR, 800 cellular, 900 / 1900 / AWS for North America and 900/1800/2100 for Europe.

- Scalable Deployment to meet budgeting requirements

- Alarm Ports for connection to existing alarm equipment.

- Self contained unit with battery power for portable applications is also supported.

- Independent monitoring of a facility while jamming is deployed to insure jamming effectiveness.

- Optional Customizable GUI if required.

- We offer a full engineered solution for any specific requirement for this product to meet customer requirements

- Solution for 2G/3G networks worldwide

- Using CellAntenna's DAS , can provide coverage to an indoor area of any size

- Can be monitored remotely with single server and multiple remote clients.

Applications for the CJAM-DT include:

- Correctional Facility control of cell phones by inmates

- Universities and Schools in order to eliminate the use of cell phones during exams.

- Secure Government buildings including Embassies, and other sensitive high security areas.

- Corporations requiring secure environments free from cell phone security breaches